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Item Item Effect
Pre-treatment spray Stain Remover for Cloth remove tough and stubborn stains easily without residue
Type Type Type
Bottle Bottle and Refill Pouch Bottle - 3.1L(Top load/Front load)
Refill - 2.1L(Top load/Front load)
Content Content Formula
500ml Bottle-220g, Refill-200g Natural alcohol nonionic surfactant, Coconut fatty acid nonionic surfactant, Linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid anionic surfactant, protease
Ingredient Ingredient Dosage
Surfactant Surfactant Top load/Front load
Using Q'ty Using Q'ty  
spray 2-3 times directly on stain 3g per 100cm2  
Description Description Description
Oxyclean Spray is an excellent and convenient pre-treatment wash spray for heavy dirts that no other detergents can do. It is very effective on normal stains and heavy stains such as shirts, sleeves, sneaker, fruits, coffee, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Oxy-Clean Q, a cleaner specialized for dress shirts cleans the heavy dirt of collar and sleeve with specially designed brush by scrubbing. Powerclean liquid is liquid detergent which penetrates deep down into fabric and removes even tough and stubborn stains easily thanks to bio-tech enzymes and surfactants. It is also hydro-soluble so it dissolves 100% even in cold water. So, users will be free from worries of residue.
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